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Elolvasandók Mi az a DMCA?

Jog az olvasáshoz Richard Stallman

FIPR’s Consultation Response on DRM

Comments on the Final Report of the High Level Group on Digital Rights Management


Ismert DRM képes TPM-es számítógépek:

You can now buy "trusted computers", but can we really trust the PC vendors, asks technology analyst Bill Thompson.

DRM munkacsoport:

Digitális jogmenedzsment:

Let fans decide on digital rights.

AEL ipEnforcementDirective

A DMCA mar a valasztasi kampanyok eszkoze is:

Lasd meg elektronikus szavazas, Diebold Inc.

miért értelmetlen a DRM? :-)

/The EU Directive 2001/29/EU <> (also known as the European Copyright Directive) has made it "a criminal offence to break or attempt to break the copy protection or access control systems on digital content such as music, videos, eBooks, and software". Since today, at least in Germany there is one notable exception: The Deutsche Bibliothek <>, Germany's national library and bibliographic information center, has received <> a "license to copy", i.e. the official authorization to crack and duplicate DRM-protected e-books and other digital media such as CD-Audio and CD-Roms. The Deutsche Bibliothek achieved an agreement with the German Federation of the Phonographic Industry <> and the German Booksellers and Publishers Association <> after it became obvious that copy protections would not only annoy teenage school boys, but also prohibit the library from fulling its legal mandate <> to collect, /process and bibliographic index important German and German-language based works.

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Mire jo a DRM es a DMCA:



DRM & Linux





"A Direktiva maga":!CTXT=12!UNIQ=11!APPLIC=celexext!FILE=VISU_visom_12_0_3!DGP=0!VI_txt2


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