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PmWiki: BasicEditing

The pages on this site are WikiWikiWeb pages, which means that pages can be created and edited by multiple authors. To edit a page, click the Edit Page link that exists somewhere on the page (usually in the header or footer). Some pages may be password-protected, depending on how others have configured the security on the system, but many WikiWikiWeb systems allow open editing of all pages.

The rules for basic page editing are fairly simple--start each line without spaces and put a blank line between paragraphs. You can produce well-laid out pages by learning just five rules.

  1. to make a list (like this one), start each line with # (for an ordered list) or * (for an unordered list)
  2. to make a heading, start a line with one or more ! marks; ! is a heading 1, !! is a heading 2, and so on
  3. to emphasise text, enclose it in 2 or 3 single quotes; ''text'' for italics or '''text''' for bold
  4. to make a link to another page, enclose it in [[ ... ]]; for example [[basic editing]] would link to this page
  5. to make a link to another site, type its address, such as

There are other text formatting rules, If you need more advanced effects.

If you want to experiment with editing a page, try the WikiSandbox. You can edit the WikiSandbox without affecting anything important on this site.

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