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Version 2.0.beta20 (30-Jan-2005)

This version has a number of relatively minor changes.

First, the $UrlLinkFmt variable has been modified so that links to external urls automatically have a rel='nofollow' attribute added to them, to help combat wiki spam as described in Site administrators can customize $UrlLinkFmt and $UnapprovedLinkFmt to supply or omit rel='nofollow' as appropriate.

The algorithm for creating page names from [[free links]] has been modified slightly. First, letters following a hyphen are no longer automatically capitalized, thus [[page-link]] refers to a page named "Page-link" and not "Page-Link". This is more compatible with version 1's naming syntax. Also, single quotes don't promote the following letter to uppercase, thus [[John's page]] now links to JohnsPage and not JohnSPage.

Sites that want to keep PmWiki 2's prior behavior can do so with the following:

    $PageNameChars = '-[:alnum:]';
    $MakePageNamePatterns = array(
      "/[^$PageNameChars]+/" => ' ',
      "/(\\b\\w)/e" => "strtoupper('$1')",
      "/ /" => '');

The localmap.txt InterMap file can now contain comments (denoted by leading '#' in the file).

Headings (!! markup) can now have block wikistyles.

More information is available in the PmWiki.ChangeLog.

Version 2.0.beta19 (17-Jan-2005)

PmWiki uses PHP's sessions for tracking passwords and page authorizations; however, if a session times out (or is otherwise lost) while an author is in the middle of editing a password-protected page, the author's edits may be lost when re-prompted for the password. This release fixes this problem by preserving the edit text and other posted form variables when prompting for a password.

Version 2.0.beta18 (17-Jan-2005)

This release makes improvements to the gui buttons, fixes some bugs, and minor other improvements and changes.

Alternate text is now valid inside of WikiTrails; i.e., one can use <<|[[TrailPage | alternate text]]|>> to change the text of the link to the trailpage.

The GUI button module has a number of changes.

  • New images are provided for lists, indentation, headings, and tables, and the sample-config.php file has examples for configuring these additional buttons into the bar.
  • The "Heading 3" button has now been changed into separate "Heading" and optional "Subheading" buttons.
  • The "Attach:" (paperclip) button appears in the bar only if uploads are enabled for that page.
  • For browsers that support it, clicking one of the buttons that adds text will leave the text highlighted (to make it easier to replace the text).

This release also eliminates the <p>...</p> tags that were being generated around markup lines that contained other HTML block markups (e.g., search results, page listings, forms). As a result, these pages are now valid HTML and pass the W3C validator.

$HTMLHeaderFmt has been changed so that skin designers can completely turn off the inline-styles mechanism used by PmWiki and other cookbook modules. To disable the inline styles, use $HTMLHeaderFmt['styles'] = ''; .

Finally, this release fixes a call to setlocale() which was supposed to only return the current locale but instead was causing the locale to change.

Version 2.0.beta17 (12-Jan-2005)

This release simply makes some minor bug fixes to wikistyles (colors set in wikistyles extend to anchor tags), arrays of default passwords, and advanced table handling.

Version 2.0.beta16 (11-Jan-2005)

Version 2.0.beta15 (10-Jan-2005)

The major feature of this release is the addition of the graphical buttons in the edit page. By default this feature is disabled -- to enable it, use the following in config.php.

    $EnableGUIButtons = 1;

If your site customizes the $PageEditFmt variable, then note that the buttons are placed at the end of the $EditMessageFmt and that the <textarea> needs to have id='edit' in order for the buttons to work.

The rss.php script has also been improved -- it now automatically translates named character entities (from HTML 4) into their numeric equivalents. This eliminates a lot of feed validation errors and problems in specific RSS feed consumers.

This release adds a $Titlespaced variable and {$Titlespaced} markup; $Titlespaced is replaced by either a page's title (if defined by the (:title:) directive) or by the spaced version of the page's name.

Finally, a number of WikiStyles bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.0.beta14 (28-Dec-2004)

This release introduces a number of relatively minor optimizations and improvements, summarized below. If you don't understand what any of these mean, they probably don't affect you. :-)

  • PmWiki's <img ...> tags now use style='border:0px;' instead of border='0'.
  • PrintFmt() now calls Lock(0) to release any locks prior to sending output to the browser. This is important because some webservers (notably Apache) sometimes get stuck when they're unable to send output to the browser, and thus inadvertently lock others from being able to edit/post pages.
  • $PageEditFmt now includes id='text' to make for easier styling/referencing.
  • MarkupToHTML()'s "posteval" code has been changed considerably.
  • PageExists() now caches results of checking for page existence.
  • Page urls are now automatically url-encoded as needed.
  • Many of PmWiki's internal regex patterns have been optimized to (hopefully) improve matching speed.
  • Comparisons to substr() have been replaced with more efficient comparison functions.

Version 2.0.beta13 (22-Dec-2004)

This release fixes a bug introduced in 2.0.beta7 that prevented the refcount.php (for ?action=refcount) from generating links correctly. It also cleans up the handling of wikistyles and %-in-urls (which is what 2.0.beta7 was supposed to fix).

In general, all sites using the 2.0.betaXX series are recommended to upgrade to this latest release.

Version 2.0.beta12 (21-Dec-2004)

This release adds a number of <div> tags and identifiers around the various forms that PmWiki produces (e.g., uploads, search results, attribute pages, etc.). This makes such forms easier to style in CSS.

In addition, this release adds some functionality to the urlapprove.php script to limit the number of unapproved urls that can be saved in a page (helps to combat wikispam).

Finally the release adds the (:description:) markup for generating <meta name='description' ... /> tags in the output. (:description:) may also get used for other features later on (e.g., excerpts in search results, etc.).

Version 2.0.beta11 (19-Dec-2004)

This release primarily cleans up a number of items in the handling of uploads:

  1. A new $LinkUpload variable has been defined for $...Fmt strings -- it contains the URL of the upload page for the current attachment
  2. (:attachlist:) automatically adds "replace-attachment" links (denoted by triangles) to the items in the list
  3. After performing an upload, the "upload name" field is automatically cleared
  4. Fixed error message when upload exceeds maximum allowed by PHP

This release also changes the StopWatch() function (used internally for benchmarking/timing PmWiki performance) to only have an effect when $EnableStopWatch is set to 1 (wall clock timings only) or 2 (wall clock and user-process timings).

Version 2.0.beta10 (14-Dec-2004)

This release makes some substantial improvements in the installation procedure. First, the installation steps have been simplified, and PmWiki provides accurate instructions when it encounters a PHP "safe_mode" environment.

The release also provides better handling of the '.flock' file -- if PmWiki discovers it cannot open an existing .flock file for writing, it removes the file and tries again rather than complaining about it. This makes the system more robust when page directories are going through backup+restore.

Version 2.0.beta9 (14-Dec-2004)

This release provides some very minor bugfixes to the [[target |#]] markup, to the appearance of $...variables in documentation, and extends uploads.php to be able to work better with url rewriting.

Version 2.0.beta8 (13-Dec-2004)

This release makes a number of reasonably significant changes. First and foremost, it changes the ?pagename= uri syntax to be ?n=, and installation now defaults to $EnablePathInfo = 0; to make better compatibility.

Sites which wish to continue using the .../Main/HomePage form of uri instead of ?n=Main.HomePage should set $EnablePathInfo = 1 in config.php.

This release also fixes a probable bug in the handling of author names which was causing spaces to be incorrectly removed.

2.0.beta8 includes features for advanced CSS styling of simple tables via the $TableRowAttrFmt and $TableCellAttrFmt variables, more description will be forthcoming in a Cookbook recipe.

Also, this release includes vastly improved support for UTF-8 sites, including the ability to have UTF-8 characters in pagenames and [[utf-8 links]]. We're still working out the details to be able to support UTF-8 wikiwords -- PHP's functions don't provide good support for this. See scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php for more information on UTF-8.

Finally, the Q: and A: markups are back, and a few other minor bug fixes and documentation improvements have been included.

Version 2.0.beta7 (8-Dec-2004)

This release has a number of improvements and changes to it. First, this release provides a scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php file, which adapts PmWiki to be able to work somewhat with utf-8 characters in pagenames. Since PHP's preg_* functions seem to be unable to detect UTF-8 alphanumeric characters, the trade-off at the moment is that WikiWord links are limited to the ASCII character set. We're working on ways to get around this restriction, however.

The xlpage-utf-8.php script can be automatically loaded by any XLPage translation that specifies 'xlpage-i18n' => 'utf-8'.

This release also:

  • fixes up the .htaccess files that are placed in local/ and wiki.d/
  • changes the default textarea size for the pmwiki skin,
  • restores the link/citation markup ([[target |#]])
  • fixes the default value of $DefaultPageTextFmt (note this may change again)
  • automatically converts instances of $Newline in posted text

Version 2.0.beta6 (5-Dec-2004)

This release contains a number of relatively minor bugfixes (see the ChangeLog), and it also restores the $WikiWordCount functionality from PmWiki 1 in which the wiki administrator can limit the number of conversions for each WikiWord.

The sample-config.php file has been updated with more comments and suggestions for customizations.

Finally, this release increases the default value of $MaxIncludes to 50 (and provides better documentation of the $MaxIncludes variable).

Version 2.0.beta5 (1-Dec-2004)

Version 2.0.beta4 (1-Dec-2004)

These releases fix a number of bugs introduced by the changes in 2.0.beta3. Users of 2.0.beta3 are encouraged to upgrade directly to this release.

Version 2.0.beta3 (30-Nov-2004)

This release provides a simple version of the (:attachlist:) markup (different sorting orders are not available yet as the syntax is likely to change), as well as fixes the PmWiki.EditQuickReference and PmWiki.UploadQuickReference pages. It also provides default pages to lock passwords in the Main and PmWiki groups and adds uppercase versions for ".GIF", ".JPG", and ".PNG" files.

Internally, this release also changes the edit page sequence to use the $_POST autoglobal instead of $_REQUEST (i.e., posting edits is only allowed via method='post' and not via query string parameters).

Version 2.0.beta2

This release fixes the bug that caused $PageTemplateFmt to no longer work in pmwiki-2.0.beta1.

Version 2.0.beta1

This release marks PmWiki 2.0 as entering "beta" status, as it finally begins moving towards official release. The major change for this release is in the skins code -- previous versions of PmWiki used $PageTemplateFmt to specify the location of the template file to be used; newer versions now use the $Skin variable to specify the location of the skins directory (in pub/skins/) that contains the skin template file, php configuration script, and other files.

In general, if you previously had $PageTemplateFmt set to "pub/skins/myskin/myskin.tmpl", then you now simply set $Skin='myskin'; to get things to work. See PmWiki.LayoutBasics for more details.

Version 2.0.devel releases

These are the release notes for the development releases of PmWiki 2.0.

First, this is definitely still in the development stages, so many things are likely to change between now and the official releases.

Second, at present there's not a good way to upgrade from PmWiki 1.0 to PmWiki 2.0, although upgrade support is expected to arrive in future (development) releases. So, you can use this version just to see the new developments and gain some experience, but migrating from 1.0 to this version is still likely to be a bit of a chore.

Bugs and other requests can be reported to the PmWiki Issue Tracking System at Any help in testing, development, and/or documentation is greatly appreciated.

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