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Kérlek fordítsd le!

 Dear XXX

I am writing to express my concern about the way the issue of software patents is being handled by the European Commission's Directorate for the Internal Market, and to request that, as my representative in the European Union's only democratically accountable body, you play a full role in ensuring that the Commission's attempts to push through a flawed and biased Directive without adequate public discussion are rebuffed by the Parliament.

There are two important issues involved -- one technical, one constitutional.

The technical issue is that applying patent law to computer code will have a disastrous 'chilling' effect on innovation in Europe, which has been up to now been an amazingly fertile source of open source (i.e. non-proprietary) software. The significance of this is that open source software is enabling an increasing number of European institutions (e.g. the German Bundestag and security services, and municipalities like Munich and Paris) to free themselves from being locked in to the products of Microsoft, a company which has been fined by the Commission for abusing its monopoly power in Europe.

For a brief explanation of why allowing patents into software is a bad idea, you may find this article helpful:,6903,1436170,00.html

The constitutional issue is even more important. As you are doubtless aware, the European Parliament has already spoken on this issue, and requested that software (together with so-called 'business methods') should be excluded from the Draft Directive. The Commission has apparently ignored this request and has attempted to push the Draft through at the last Council of Ministers meeting using a procedural ploy which was allowed by the Presidency. By doing this, the Commission is not only challenging the authority of the Parliament, but treating it with contempt. I respectfully suggest that this is a challenge which elected Members cannot ignore.

The Draft Directive can be rejected by the Parliament, but this will only happen if MEPs attend and vote on the issue. I would not presume to tell you how to vote (though you know my views on the matter) but I would appreciate your confirmation that you will be there for the debate.

Yours sincerely

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